Love's Accolade EP

by SeriousMF

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Selections from material recorded 2011/2012.



released March 29, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


SeriousMF Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Love's Accolade
play outside, if you wanna catch this love, its mine
and you can hideaway so i guess our love is open
if i had applied to honor one of us and waste my time
we could find a way so i guess that i was hoping
you could have stayed you could have stayed
but thank you for the gift you gave of love's accolade
wait i lied, to get along with me don't be so shy
i see you tried to say express that our love was open
hearts collide but to any one of us its daily life
i need my mind to stray so i guess my heart has
in two and you

cheat and you lie the way you play me
all you ever gonna do for me is hold me down
you repeatedly don a disguise the way you shame me
all i ever wanna get from this is hopefully out
i know you don't love me
don't be so upset
have the simple respect to ask nothing of me
oh how did i know i would grow to regret
you love to fuck with my head
Track Name: It's Happening
i feel the wily look you give me when you laugh at me
i steal a kiss for when i wish that we could happen to be
on a rocket to a walk on the moon approximately
and i can feel you move the motion motion

we can be together happily
and we can share in all the action we see
and we can even share eachothers bodies passionately
but when i feel that emotion

its like oh! man don't you even think that for a second
you ever had it better
and everything instead of this disbelief and laughing alone so
believe cuz its happenin bro

and i adore the things reminding me of
and you can floor me when you say what you love
and i can see the dusty halo above
your head is full and bright the motion motion

we can lay in bed til yesterday
as long as we can find a way to say yes to today
and we've invested in the rest of our days
so when i feel that devotion

i'm like woah! man don't you even think that for a moment
that things were ever going
according to your map of the road yo
you're laughing alone but
believe it cuz its happenin bro
Track Name: Hip Population
oh which one will go
hip population
who cares what its called
whats in a name

you cannot phase me
when i get in
and i know i know but thanks for knockin on my door
so if you stop feeling oh
i don' t know why so
you spoke so lonely on the phone yo
but if you're frustrated come around i got that great shit
and don't you know we make the greatest mates when we're alone so
let's populate hip population
hip population

oh i'd like to know
hip population
who wants to go it alone
let's run away

we should be gettin naked
can i get in
and i know i know give props for knockin on my door
so if i'm only dreaming oh
i don't know i hope
you're sposed to show me all the ropes yo
but time is never wasted if the love that you were making
is made of gold if its not the greatest i don't know
let's populate the hip population
hip population
Track Name: Don't Put Your Heart on The Line
when you see me you got no time i find.
a little loving goes a long way they say, and its true
and i can see you smile cuz you're feeling like you maybe just struck a
goldmine and although you're feeling so fine, i remind you
don't put your heart on the line.

i keep telling you time after time
i could love you my whole life cuz i'm feeling it too
but i'm afraid to love cuz the things that you do. so if you would be
so kind as to maybe blow my mind
don't put your heart on the line

oh my, can you see it shine in your mind's own eye?
if i could just remind you that this love isn't new
and you can have your heart broken out of the blue maybe you'd see that
no guy should ever make you need to idolize him you got more at stake than
your pride and alone i would go toe to toe at showtime just him and i.
don't put your heart on line.
Track Name: Your Love is Prismatic
deep inside of my viscera
struck a chord of greatest pleasure
fierce and apt and sometimes subtle
the universe is up to trouble
eyes aside, inoculation
love inside an occupation
naked underneath the layers
of the rivers of your long brown hair

because if feeling makes us something
then maybe i'm alive
and i'm feeling that to speak on behalf of mine
would be a crime

shine across a cosmic meadow
high enlightenment incredible
come inside and use whatever
you deem clever in our favour
this is so electrostatic
god your love is so prismatic
an emotional conveyor
stroke the slivers of your long brown hair

and events so brief and so small
they can hardly be said to have existed at all
cause an immense present-tense reaction
i feel the attraction

can i still open up
after we've broken up
its what we've spoken of
how do we cope with love?
lift your hands up anew
raise them above the roof
i don't know what to do
am i in love with you?